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Taking care of your artwork

Thank you for purchasing your new artwork.

  1. Keep your artworks out of direct sunlight. Your artwork might have a protective layer of varnish, but it is still possible for it to crack or fade if subjected to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

  2. Dust your artworks with a clean, soft rag occasionally to prevent dust buildup. Don't use cleaning products or water!

  3. Try to avoid subjecting your artworks to extreme changes in atmosphere. Avoid excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold. All of these conditions can affect the state of your artwork in a negative way (canvas puckering, paint cracking, etc.).

  4. You may have noticed some paintings have pegs in each corner at the back of the canvas. Due to temperature conditions your canvas may sag slightly over time. Using a small hammer, knock the wedges upwards into the slots while supporting the canvas with your free hand.


When deciding where to hang your artwork, keep your artwork away from hazards such as liquids and heat. Try to hang it away from moist areas that attract too much dust or mould. Protect it from the weather by hanging well away from windows and swinging doors.

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